Paso Zin, Meet Paso Walnuts


In the land of Paso Robles, Zinfandel is the original grand-daddy of the grapes. So it’s only fitting that our wine event season kicks off annually with a slew of zin-o-philes trolling the wine trail for peppery, jammy perfection.

The third weekend of March is always memorable and this year was no exception. For the second year, we stuffed the truck full of orchard boxes, display racks, walnut oil and errant walnuts – in the pouring rain. We navigated the slippery, wine taster laden trails like the Walnuts of Wrath – in the pouring rain. And then we listened to Richard gripe about unloading the mountains of orchard boxes, display racks, walnut oil and errant walnuts at the Paso Robles Zin Fest Grand Tasting event – in the pouring rain.

Limerock Orchards walnut oil with Paso Zin Fest glass; Chef Kelly, Deanne and Richard at the booth.

But it was all worth it! We’re not sure if it was our St. Paddy’s Day luck, but we had slews of compliments about our booth design (despite the griping) and a steady stream of tasters all night. Chef Kelly’s crostinis with walnut oil, aged sharp cheddar, walnut butter and rosemary walnut pesto were a HUGE hit – we never were able to get the darn serving platter full!

Our friends Jeff and Kim at Roxo Cellars also offered our chocolate walnuts throughout the night alongside their fantastic port wines. Luckily, we were across the room from the dessert section – Panolivo‘s pastries were sucking everyone in like the Bermuda Triangle when they tried to walk by.

Limerock Orchards chocolate walnuts with Roxo Paso Melange Port.For everyone that joined us, we hope you had a fantastic time and that your palate left happy. If you missed it this go around, not to worry – we will also be serving up our walnut creations at Hospice du Rhone in April and Paso Wine Fest in May!

2 thoughts on “Paso Zin, Meet Paso Walnuts

  1. Kiara Parker says:

    We have a recipe to use walnut oil OR hazelnut oil w/ apple cider vinegar for a perfect, healthy dressing.

    Which is better, walnut or hazelnut oil? Thanks!

    Plus, which has more of a sweet, nutty flavor.. if you’ve tried both and you know please tell me, thx
    By “better” I mean which tastes the best.

    • Olivia says:

      Hi Kiara!

      Sorry, this comment was buried under a mountain of spam back here…

      As far as health benefits, you can’t beat the walnut. It has the most Omega-3 fatty acids of any common nut and is also full of antioxidants.

      We also prefer walnut oil in taste because it has a roasted, buttery flavor. Hazelnut is definitely delicious, but not as versatile because it has such a strong, distinct flavor.

      Hope that helps!

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